Winding Country Roads, Orange Roadtrip

Road trip 1

{A stunning aerial view of Lake Lyall which is actually a dam, not a lake, but beautiful nonetheless.}

Two weeks ago I drove up to Orange & back. Now for those of you who don’t know, Orange is a lovely little town about 4 hours northwest of Sydney. Although it’s not actually very far, kilometres-wise, you have to traverse the Blue Mountains, which serve as Sydney’s western border to get there which makes the trip a bit longer. What I like to do when I drive out that way is to take a pretty big detour once I come out of the mountains. I drive further west to see Lake Lyall & the tiny townships of Rydal, Tarana, Sodwalls & O’Connell. Whilst the landscape is stunning in spring when the poplars & flowers are in full bloom, there’s a certain calmness in the colder months which I also love. I was expecting it to be far colder than it was but with blue skies & sunshine for days, I could get around in just a sweater or a thick flannel shirt. A lovely country escape!

Road trip 2

{The drive winds around the ridges near Lake Lyall before taking you down to a bridge which crosses over the lake right where the dam is. You can stop & take photos of the water stretching away through the valley.}

Road trip 3

{It’s quite funny, where you park your car you can quite clearly hear the sound of rushing water but it’s not obvious at first where the sound is coming from. But, after some thorough investigations, you can peer through a fence to see the dam below.}

Road trip 4

{Further on, you can see the rolling foothills of the western side of the Blue Mountains with the tail-end of the lake below.}

Road trip 5

{I was driving through the countryside just after lunchtime. The sun was absolutely streaming down, making everything nice & warm. I had the windows of my car open pretty much the whole way, despite it being the middle of winter!}

Road trip 6

{Another beautiful thing about winter in the Australian countryside? Most of the trees are evergreen eucalypts. So, while we don’t get those haunting landscapes of deciduous bare branches, it’s almost as if autumn never ends in the country & just leads on into spring!}

Road trip 7

{I made some friends along the way! Whilst a lot of the countryside just looks like impenetrable bush, most of the land is owned by the local farmers who run cattle & sheep in the area.}

Road trip 8

{The road stretches away before me, practically deserted. I only saw about 5 cars on the Lake Lyall road. It’s such a lovely change from the hustle & bustle of the big city. I was a tad worried my big Benz wouldn’t be able to go the distance (it’s very much a city car, that’s for sure!) but it did very well. Although it didn’t stay that clean for much longer – soon it was absolutely covered in dust!}

Road trip 9

{The sun beaming in over the crests of hill made for some unbelievably beautiful photographs – I kept having to pull over & snap away!}

Road trip 10

{Avenues of gum trees lined the road in this part sending beautiful shadows down.}

Road trip 11

{Some of the bare branches made for some amazing shots!}

Road trip 12

{The countryside out here hasn’t seen much rain recently so the grass is very dry & brown. Having heard about the extreme drought conditions in California I have to sympathise with the farmers there. It can be incredibly tough keeping anything alive when there’s no water. Thankfully conditions haven’t been so bad in Australia of late.}

That’s the first half of my photo diary, I’ll share the rest next week! I hope you enjoyed seeing a little-known part of the Australian countryside!