The Best Apps That Will Help You Get Your Life Together

Apps That Will Change Your Life 2

My phone is kind of my life and I'm betting your phone is you life too. We all know the existential panic of leaving our phone behind, right? Or, even worse, the abject horror of not knowing where it is (and it's on silent)!

Luckily for you (and me!) that attachment is probably only going to get stronger because I've been trawling the app store, reading reviews, and searching for innovations, looking for apps that will make life so many easier. And I've got good news and bad news. The good news: these apps will seriously help you get sh*t done. The bad news: you're going to spend even more time glued to your phone!

1. Become the #girlboss of your to-do list

If you struggle to stick to your to-do list, you're going to love this. Habitica makes checking off your daily to-do list a fun game where you level up, get XP, equipment, pets, and more! All you have to do is tick off you tasks and chores to earn rewards, you can even 'spend gold' on your hobbies. Most people who struggle to hold themselves accountable say that this app turns real life (and real chores) into a game that you actually want to play!

2. Deal with stress

Talkspace is a therapy and counselling app that will connect you directly with a certified professional. It does have a monthly charge, but you can talk to your therapist any time - plus it's text-based so you just need to fire off an issue and they'll respond ASAP. Which is perfect if you've been struggling with stress or anxiety.

3. Save some cash

Digit will turn serial spenders into serial savers in no time. It automatically takes money from your checking account and puts it in the app as savings. It's FDIC-insured, so you don't have to worry about it, and you can put custom limits, like not letting it take out anything if your account is less than $400.

4. Get better skin (not even joking!)

We all know that the first step to better skin is drinking enough water but a lot of us struggle with it! Not to worry, Waterlogged tracks your water intake, making sure you're always hydrated even at the busiest of times. You'll wind up with better skin, your cravings will be curbed and you'll feel healthier! #Winning.

5. Stop that sluggish morning feelin’

Ever been woken up in the middle of a just perfect dream? Well, forget that. Because Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is an intelligent alarm clock that analyses your sleep and pinpoints the best time to wake you up. It’s the best alarm clock app around. It tries to wake you up during the lightest phase, so you never have to get up during a deep sleep ever again.

6. Get your own personal trainer

MyFitnessPal is a diet and exercise tracking app with a built-in barcode scanner. The original and the best! You can add the foods you’re eating, join a plan, link it with your fitness band and other exercise apps and it’ll give you a helpful overview of your progress, the workouts you’ve done, recipes, hints, and tips, and reward you for checking in for multiple days in a row! You can even add your friends and compare your progress!

7. Chill out

Headspace is an amazing, comprehensive meditation app with different guided and unguided meditations to help you switch off, relax and get your zen back. The app comes fully loaded with free options but you can always subscribe to get even more. This is one of my favourites for guided meditations. I'm getting better at meditating but I really am one of those people who find it hard to switch off. Listening to the guided meditation makes it that much easier to chill out, turn off my racing brain and concentrate on breathing.

Apps That Will Change Your Life 1