Rosé, First Editions & The Most Delicious Granola!

Life has been crazy with a capital C lately. So, to recap: we sold our apartment in September at auction! Anyone who knows anything about the Sydney housing market knows it is completely out of control but is now softening, so it’s been a little stressful thinking about selling and buying a new place. Weekends have been getting swamped by open houses, inspections and auctions and work is ramping up as well. I’m very much wanting to get back to regular programming with B&B and I sure hope to get there soon! In fact, I have a very fancy event on this weekend that I’m planning to take some photographs at for a new outfit post! I thought I’d do a bit of another life update for you all and tell you about a few of my new favourite places.

Time For A Life Update!

We recently did a market stall at Rozelle – selling made us want to go through everything and sell the pieces we didn’t want anymore – and it was a huge success! Everything sold and we finished off the day with a glass of wine at the Corner Bar.

I also managed to pick up this absolutely stunning, embossed silk-covered first edition of Salomé by Oscar Wilde. I can’t wait to read it and I know it’s going to look amazing in my own place.

In our travels, looking at a million and one new apartments, we’ve stumbled across this magical, time-travelling café/restaurant/bar called Blacksmith. We’re going back for breakfast tomorrow morning – I can’t wait to try the food! But so far, their chai latte was exquisite!

One of my favourite secret spots in Sydney is Kansas City Shuffle, the most hip little place in the Rocks. I walked over the bridge recently with the Mothership and we had breakfast there – both of us going for the granola (no surprises there, we are granola fiends!). It was beyond delicious, crunchy and perfect with a super thick, rich yoghurt and fresh fruit.

Lastly, I’m thinking of ditching the fringe. I always do this. I’m lucky enough to be blessed with a face that seems to work well with a myriad of haircuts – I’ve had super long, super long with a fringe, a pixie cut, a shag, the list goes on. So I know all of the styles that suit and can never decide! But, in the interests of practicality I think I may have to forgo the fringe – it’s just too much maintenance!