Review: Revive ‘Masque de Glaise’ Purifying Clay Mask

Mask 3

I have something I need to tell you all. I have found the holy grail of face masks.

This is not a drill.

I first heard about the Revive ‘Masque de Glaise’ Purifying Clay Mask on one of those slideshow posts on a website online. Top ten products beauty editors swear by, one of those sort of things. They’re always plenty clickable but this seemed to be a list of products that veered slightly away from the Nars-Orgasm-blush-obvious so I checked it out. One of the first things on there was this mask. A beauty editor was talking about how she’d had the worst acne of her life, used this three nights in a row & had amazing skin afterwards. It was worth a go, I thought. Especially when I found out it was sold out almost everywhere except Nordstrom (where it’s now backordered to September!). That had to be a good sign. So, I gave in & spent what seemed really like an inordinate amount of money for a face mask.

But, let me tell you this. It works.

Mask 1

It goes on so easily – you really only need a tiny bit – this stuff spreads like crazy, it’s fantastic! Cover your face (avoiding your eyes of course) with a thin layer & leave it on for around 10 – 15 minutes. It will dry & your face will feel a little tight as this happens but it’s really nothing to worry about. Then simply rinse off with some warm water & behold the beautiful skin you have!

While it won’t necessarily give you stunning, blemish-free skin in one session if you have serious acne that probably needs Accutane, it will vastly improve your skin. It takes out at least 80% of the gunk sitting in your pores & your skin feels so amazing clean & fresh afterwards.

Mask 2

So, is it worth the money? I would say maybe. If you have heavily blemished or acne-prone skin, you’re probably better off going onto Accutane or using medicated skincare products instead of splashing out on one skin mask – it simply won’t help you that much & will be a waste of money.

However, if you have skin like mine, which is generally pretty okay but can be prone to the odd blemish & congestion can come up due to things I’ve eaten (I’m working on that currently with a nutritionist to figure out what I’m allergic to), I would say it’s a good deal. It helps to clean your skin up without being too extreme or too drying. It goes on thin & you can really make it stretch out. Although I have to say, most of my skin problems are due to an not-yet-diagnosed allergy or intolerance, so once that’s been discovered, I may not need this product – I’ll have to wait to find out! It’s definitely working for me at the moment but the fact remains that I may not need it once I’ve cleared up this allergy/intolerance/diet issue.

I hope y’all are liking these beauty reviews! I’m forever buying products & testing them but for some reason, it never occurred to me to share that on the blog!