Red, Steady, Go!

I know, I know, two red dress posts in a row! What can I say? I really, really love a red dress! This one is pretty special to me. When we were in Hawaii, the Mothership and I were doing a bit of shopping and we’d decided to pop into (I think it was a) Nordstrom on Black Friday – yep, you read that right. We travelled to Hawaii the week of Thanksgiving and Black Friday. We honestly had no idea! And we had no idea how busy it would be either!

We found this dress on Friday, our second last day of our holiday and then spent what felt like ages queued up to purchase it! But I’m so glad we did, it was nice going out shopping with the Mothership and it’s times like those that I remember when I wear this dress. I wore it out to a Young Professionals ball (although there were some slightly questionable floor length dresses, it was really more of a cocktail party) a couple weeks ago at the Ivy in the city.

{Dress: Tommy Hilfiger (similar), Purse: Kate Spade (similar), Heels: Topshop (similar), Watch: Kate Spade, Bracelet: J. Crew}

Whilst this dress is from last year, I’ve found a huge range of beautiful red, fit’n’flare dresses to suit every style and budget!


How To Style A Red Dress

There are so many different ways to style a red dress that I may in fact write up a whole post on it! But I wanted to show you two different ways of doing it. The way I’ve styled this dress is for a cocktail party. It’s so easy to dress up a red frock and the easiest way is to pair it with gold accessories like the purse, watch and bracelet. The gold really makes the red pop and vice-versa so you just look so vibrant in a room.

A different way to style a red dress can be seen in my last post where I paired it with burgundy and tan to give it more of a bohemian vibe. But, to be honest, considering how many red dresses I own (there’s a few of them!), I might just do a whole post on them! Keep a lookout for it…