My Guide To Throwing Christmas Day Lunch (& Surviving!)


1. Prepare your menu early 

Now you don’t have to be planning this in June, but you want to know exactly what you’ll be serving before you even invite family/Christmas orphans to your home. We usually go for ham & turkey with a potato salad & a green salad, but we knew we needed to shake it up a little when I invited my best friend who’s Jewish! This then turned our Christmas lunch into a Chrismukkah lunch! It was good to know that since we’d already planned everything else, we knew we could roast up a whole fish while we were BBQ-ing the turkey at the same time.

2. Don’t be scared to ask for help!

Christmas Day Lunch is always so much work, it’s not even funny. The first thing we do when we’re organising is figure out what we can easily do on our own & what we can reasonably ask any of our guests to bring. This year we were super lucky – my grandmother said she’d bring the glazed ham which took a huge load off of us. We also have a guest happily bringing a trifle for dessert! You can always ask your guests to bring a bottle of something as well! Don’t forget, it turns out to be quite expensive to host Christmas, most people are aware of this & are always happy to contribute something.

Xmas 2

3. Have a signature drink

If you’re getting a little help with your food & supplies, you can take the time to make things extra special for your Christmas lunch with a signature cocktail. Since our theme for this year is New York red & white, we’ve chosen Manhattans & Kir Royales as our signature sips. Why two different ones? Well that brings me to the next point on this list which is…

4. Please all palettes

Whilst it’s nigh impossible to please everyone all of the time, you can try to do your best to please the majority. This is why we’re offering fish as well as turkey & ham for our Chrismukkah, & Christmas cake & trifle. It’s always good to have options & it means that no one is left hungry or without anything to eat. To be honest, when you have a guest with food allergies, they’ll probably be happy to make a dessert for everyone which they know for sure they won’t get a bad reaction from!

Xmas 3

5. Create lasting memories

Make sure you take photos! Sometimes with all of the organizing you can get swept away & have a lovely time but forget to capture any of the best moments! Make sure you tell everybody to take photos for Instagram or Facebook – you could even come up with a fun hashtag so you can see all of your guests’ photos together!

6. Be a stress-free Boy Scout host

This means being prepared. Buy your supplies in advance (including beverages & decor), any food that you can make ahead should be made in advance – don’t forget you can make Christmas cakes weeks in advance! If you’re doing a potato salad like we are, you can make the whole thing the day before – the same goes for coleslaw! Figure out what has to be cooked on the day & pre-cook everything else!

Xmas 4

7. Most importantly, have fun!

It’s Christmas! Don’t let the planning & preparing get in the way of a lovely time. If you’re running a little late don’t let it worry you. No one is perfect in their lunch planning, let along their Christmas lunch planning! Just try & enjoy the day!