Whiter Teeth with Smile Brilliant!

One of the first things people can notice about you is how white your teeth are. We subconsciously associate whiter than white teeth with celebrities – actors, heiresses, popstars & models. But is teeth whitening attainable for us normal girls?

Hell yeah they are! Even though my shooting schedule for the blog has slowed since my new (amazing!) day job keeps me pretty preoccupied, I still love to keep my teeth white for blog photographs & of course just for every day life! I was thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work with Smile Brilliant & discover how to whiten my teeth at home & protect them from the process.

How Does It Work?

Once your kit arrives from Smile Brilliant, you’ll find everything you need inside to whiten your teeth, including the paste you’ll need to mold & place into the trays – this goes on to become your completely customised mouth guards that you use for whitening! Read the instructions and make sure you have your phone with you – you’ll need the timer for this step.

Smile Brilliant supplies you with two trays for the top and bottom teeth. Brush your teeth first & then mix the two pastes together before pressing it into the trays evenly. Place the tray right in the centre of your teeth & gently press your teeth into the mold. Keep it there for 2 minutes.

After you’ve taken the impressions, mail them back in the prepaid envelope in the kit &, in less than a week, you’ll receive your customised plastic mouthguards! The mouthguards will fit perfectly & help you hold the gel on your teeth for 30 minutes to 3 hours easily.

My suggestion would be to start slow, you don’t want to get stuck into a 2 hour process only to find out your teeth are super sensitive! Smile Brilliant does however provide you with both whitening gel & desensitising gel to keep the process painfree.

Pop a small amount of whitening gel inside the mouthguards & keep them in for as long as possible then follow up with the desensitising gel. After 3 sessions, I could already see a huge difference! Check out this video to see more Smile Brilliant in action!

{Here you can see the before & after photos taken after using Smile Brilliant for 1 month!}

A good tip is to not rinse out either of the gels, drink or eat anything for another 30 minutes. It’s probably best to steer away from black coffee, red wine or anything else that could potentially stain your teeth in the hours following as well.

Smile Brilliant does an amazing job, they’re so quick with shipping & the process is beyond easy! If you want whiter teeth without the crazy price tag then look no further.

Discount Time!

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{Whilst this post is sponsored, I have personally tried the products & found them to be of exceptional quality & performance. All opinions are 100% my own.}