Hawaii Holidaying

{The view from my room ^^}

So a couple weeks ago we made it back from two weeks relaxing in Honolulu, Hawaii. We’d been to Hawaii before about 18 months ago – we actually received that holiday for free when the Mothership won a raffle (no joke!). But we only went last time for 6 days. This time we really wanted to relax and take in everything.

We found our favourite places again for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as new restaurants and cafes that we know we’ll go back to next time. We also managed to head out to Hanauma Bay for a gorgeous day trip with a packed picnic lunch. The Moana Surfrider really is the only hotel you’d want to stay at there – it’s in the perfect location and is honestly just stunning!

{Dinner on Night 1 – the smoothest lobster bisque with an absolutely perfect Caesar salad at the Moana Surfrider’s restaurant}

{The restaurant at the Moana Surfrider}

{The view from the very top of Diamond Head}

{The most perfect little white lighthouse}

{The view back towards the mountains from Diamond Head}

{Very tired but very happy we got to the top! Cap: I found it on eBay but you can get a similar one here, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, discontinued sadly but these are similar, Tank: Fabletics}

{Looking much more polished when we went to Chuck’s Cellar for dinner – the 100% best place for steak in Honolulu! What I ordered in the below photo…}

{I’m not too proud to say this is the very first time I’ve every tried surf’n’turf! And it was beyond amazing! The most perfectly cooked filet mignon paired with scallops, amazing!}

{In Sydney we are spoiled for choice when it comes to avocado toast but this one at Maui Brewing Co was outstanding. It came with shaved pickled radish, macadamia nuts, tomatoes and sriracha salt – I ended up using that entire little tin of sriracha salt because it was honestly just that good! Looking forward to recreating this at home!}

{The view from the spa at the Moana Surfrider – we decided to splurge on a massage and it was honestly the most calm I think I’ve ever felt!}

{It was worth finding the outside stairs on the north wing of the building to take a photo of the beach from an angle not often seen!}

{A day trip to Hanauma Bay, so easy to get there just on the bus (although we caught a taxi home!), we set up camp under a couple of palm trees with our packed picnic lunch. We snorkelled in the shallow waters and saw so many amazing tropical fish! It was only my second time snorkelling so I was a little stressed out – mainly worried that the lava rocks and reef might disembowel me if we got too close – no joke, you have to be so careful! We were fine though, although it’s probably best to check when the low tide is! Hanauma Bay is just filled to the brim with wildlife though – there are adorable little mongooses running around (kind of like a cross between a squirrel and a weasel), wild cats that just chill out in the sun, all of the fish in the bay and a rare monk seal which popped up onto the beach for a seaside nap!}

{This was dinner for us after our morning climbing Diamond Head so the carbs were cancelled out – right?? All jokes aside, Lulu’s Waikiki does an absolutely stunner of a burger.}

{And, just quietly, these are Lulu’s Waikiki pancakes – perfect pancakes.}

{A lot of this was done! ^^}

{The Moana Surfrider, the First Lady of Waikiki – the first hotel built on Waikiki way back in 1901.}