Guide To My Fave Lipsticks

Nars 'Orgasm' B&B

Nars 'Orgasm'

To the left we have possibly the most universally-flattering colour in the world. There's a reason a Nars blush in 'Orgasm' sells every 60 seconds or something equally crazy! The warm pink with gold glimmering within makes you skin look vibrant and alive. The lipstick version is perfect for days when you want a hint of colour and sheen but don't want to worry too much about reapplying. It lasts forever and looks gorgeous!

Nars 'Anita' B&B

Nars 'Anita'

I bought this in a beautiful limited-edition Nars x Man Ray gold Christmas tube and it's simply beautiful just to look at! It's a warm, dusty rose-pink that looks just this side of bare lips. It's ideal for when you want a bit of definition on your lips but don't want anything bold. Find it here.

BareMinerals 'Light It Up'
Nars 'Heat Wave'
Sephora Collection 112 B&B
BareMinerals 'Call The Shots' B&B

BareMinerals 'Light It Up'

I absolutely adore this punchy coral colour for work. It's so moisturising on my lips and is just so comfortable to wear - like all BareMineral lipsticks! This colour is such a bright pop, it's best with minimal makeup - maybe just a bit of eye shadow or a winged liner for a neon 60's look.

Nars 'Heat Wave'

Ah the best red lipstick out there (I hear you MAC 'Ruby Woo' fans but this one is just top notch). It's the most perfect true red, not too blue, not too yellow which means it will work on every skin tone (unlike 'Ruby Woo' which skews blueish and won't look that good on warm-toned gals!). It is matte and can be drying so make sure your lips are super-hydrated to begin with!

Sephora Collection 112 'Red Magma'

This is actually metallic! It's a liquid lipstick but is in no way, shape or form, drying on your lips unlike many others. As well, it stays on through everything. I'm not joking - I have literally worn this eating spaghetti and been picture-perfect afterwards! The colour is the most gorgeous orange-red and looks amazing with everything!

BareMinerals 'Call The Shots'

Just like the other BareMinerals one to the left, this lipstick is divinely moisturising to your lips and wears beautifully. It's a gorgeous brick-red which unfortunately won't look that amazing on girls with cooler-toned skin but will look fantastic on those with warm-toned skin.

Sephora Collection 64 'Metallic Cherry'

I have to admit, every single time I wear this lipstick, I get compliments. And not just the one, like compliments plural. It's that life-changing. It's metallic and is more of a blue-red but is stunning, even on someone with a warmer skin tone like me. I dare you to try it - once you do you'll be hard-pressed to choose a different lipstick every other day!

Sephora Collection 64

Nars 'Bette'

This is probably the most beautiful darker lipstick I have. It's the richest, deep burgundy shade and just looks amazing when the weather turns cooler (is it just me or do you find it weird to wear darker lipsticks in summer too??). It has a slight sheen to it and is similar to the 'Anita' lipstick above - nowhere near as matte as the 'Heat Wave' but still super pigmented.

Nars 'Bette' B&B