Lack of Color Baker Boy Cap

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 9.23.43 am

Hey there! Miss me?

It is been absolutely mental lately. I don't know how I'm surviving. But busy is better than boring, that's for sure!

It has been non-stop the last few months. I popped down to Melbourne for a few days with Mum to check out the latest exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria and it was beyond amazing - Monet, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Van Gogh, Kahlo, the list goes on. So many paintings and sculptures I'd only ever seen in books or on online. Astonishing!

And I followed the lead of pretty much everyone in Sydney and got my hair cut into a long bob. It's honestly so easy to care for and style, I'm kind of quietly obsessed.

I promise I'll be back with a proper post soon but I wanted to share with you my latest wardrobe love - this super cute corduroy cap by Lack of Color that I'm wearing in this Insta photo! It's so comfortable and perfect for days when you probably should've washed your hair but didn't.

Goodbye for now but I'll be back soon!

x Lucie