About Lucie

Hey there I'm Lucienne (but call me Lucie!) O'Connor and this is my corner of internet inspiration. This is my online diary, a place where I can inspire myself and others with my posts, articles and photographs that cover everything from my music career to style and beauty, living and travel, as well as life and career advice. I started this blog as an outlet for my creative side, to show off my self-written songs, original articles and to live out my fashion dreams.

What started as a destination for me to collect my various passions, be it blues music, cooking or high heels, started to take on a life of its own. These days it's so easy to say "I'm crazy busy!" as a way of greeting our friends and rely on takeaway food and fast fashion and lunches eaten a la desko to try and attain that elusive work-life balance. But that's just not sustainable, is it?!

So this is my way of reaching out to other women in the world just like me - professional working women - who want to be able to do more in their lives. Have the time to write songs or indulge in other creative endeavours, cook up a storm (instead of Menulogging!), find time in their day for health and self-care, travel the world and create their own personal, amazing style. All of this is possible and this is my goal - to show both the world and myself that it can be done.