That being said, it can be super hard to figure out which of those toxic relationships you need to drop and which you should work on to make better. I mean, these are your friends after all and we can get totally blind to the effect they can have on our wellbeing. So have a read at the toxic relationships you need to drop in your life:

1. The friend who never asks how you are

You know the type. You ask her question after question about her work, her life, her career, her neighbor who lives next door with the noisy barking dog. But she never asks you a single one in return. It starts to feel like you’re interviewing her every time you get together. This is not the sort of friend you need. Drop this one and see if you can’t replace her with one who actually cares about how you are.

2. The friend who is always trying to get you to self-destruct

This person is forever trying to get you to do one (or more) of the following things: break your diet, take drugs, smoke cigarettes again, skip class, blow off work, or a slew of other self-destructive behaviours that you really don’t need in your life. In reality, this friend is angry at the fact that you can hold a steady job, wake up on time, eat healthily and stay on the wagon in terms of cigarettes or drugs. They want you to backslide so they feel better about themselves. You so don’t need this person in your life.